Tuesday, 29 July 2014

And then there were four...

As you may have noticed, we've been a bit lazy about the whole blogging thing over the last couple of months. There are reasons for this, but Ian, Nacho and I decided that it would help to bring in a new member of the team. Introducing...Jackson Salyers, also known as Jackson of Garheim on Flickr. Another member of the Lands of Roawia roleplaying game, hopefully he'll help us get back to our old blogging spree. MOCs wait for no man!

Jackson of Garheim-Edited SigFig

Monday, 21 July 2014

News - LEGO Lost at Sea

Some of you may have seen this on BBC News, but in Cornwall LEGO bricks are often being found on beaches, having been brought in by the sea. This same LEGO is from a container holding five million pieces that was washed off a boat by a freak wave in 1997. The pieces lost include spear guns, scuba tanks, flippers and even octopuses and dragons. It's quite funny that the pieces found so often relate to the sea.

This picture is taken from the Facebook page dedicated to the lost pieces, and is called Lego Lost at Sea. I find this particularly interesting as I myself live in Cornwall. Here's hoping I find a dragon or two!

According to the BBC News article, here is the list of pieces lost, and exactly how many went missing:

Toy kits - Divers, Aquazone, Aquanauts, Police, FrightKnights, WildWest, RoboForce, TimeCruisers, Outback, Pirates
Spear guns (red and yellow) - 13,000 items
Black octopus - 4,200
Yellow life preserver - 26,600
Diver flippers (in pairs: black, blue, red) - 418,000
Dragons (black and green) - 33,941
Brown ship rigging net - 26,400
Daisy flowers (in fours - white, red, yellow) - 353,264
Scuba and breathing apparatus (grey) - 97,500
Total of 4,756,940 Lego pieces lost overboard in a single container
Estimated 3,178,807 may be light enough to have floated

100 years ago...

Karwik has done a really good job of depicting arguably one of the most world-changing moments in history. The events of Sarajevo, 1914, where Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria was shot and killed by the Black Hand gang, began the chain of events that eventually led to WW1. As for the MOC itself, there's some brilliant parts usage here, not least the use of an Exo-Force hairpiece as the hat of the Archduke himself. Spot some more techniques yourself, there are plenty there!

Sarajevo 1914

Monday, 14 July 2014

LEGO can be beautiful

The ever-brilliant Nannan Zhang has created this wonderful piece depicting a 'Rustic Corner'. There's something about this that makes it extra special, but I can't put my finger on it. Is it the addition of the barrel and the wheel, perfectly propped against the fence, or is it the blue flowers in amongst the yellow? You decide for yourself, now I'll let the picture do the talking.

Rustic Corner

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Fantasy figures at their best

THE BRICK TIME Team, over on Flickr, seems to be the master of fantasy figures and armies. Created for a land I believe to be called The Northland, these characters are great looking and incredibly inspiring. Here are a few of my favourite photos. Enjoy!

Heerbann of the Northland Army Heerbann - Standard Unit

Bunch of the Green Dragon
Bunch of the green Dragon

Warlock Beast
Warlock Beast 1

Barbarian Tribe
Barbarian Tribe

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Walls fall, but this MOC constantly grows in my esteem

Matthew Oh, or mpoh98 on Flickr, built this fantastic vignette depicting the fall of Jericho. Just look at that crumbling stone! The rocks built into the wall are so realistic, too, that this could well be my favourite small vig of all time.

Friday, 27 June 2014

The Dragon Wall

Keith Goldman, aka Don Quixote 2x4, has built The Dragon Wall, based on the adventures of the characters from Avatar: The Last Airbender. The sheer size of the wall is impressive, and the mosaic-esque pattern on it is well-achieved. The landscaping and the way the road and bridge are built is also fantastic. While not from one particular episode, it does capture the essence and feel of the show well.  Enjoy the pictures: The Dragon Wall: Arrival

The Dragon Wall: "They're MINE !!!"

The Dragon Wall: "Yip yip, Appa!" and of course an illustration of the famous and iconic line: MY CABBAGES!!!
     The Dragon Wall: "My Cabbages!"